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How to make a free WordPress blog website

How to make a money making beautiful WordPress blog website for free with Google Absence and Google Analytics.

Making a website like wiltit.com

In this post I will show how I made wiltit.com. Because our slogan is What I Learn That I Teach.

wiltit.com Blog Website

Why I make Wiltit.com

Everyday in our life or our education period we face various problem. Then we research about those problem on internet or anywhere else. After learning something if you teach another person about those topics your knowledge will be increased. This is a plus point to share knowledge. If you learn and share you can remember that topics for a long time. So that I make wiltit.com. What I Learn That I Teach.

Buy Domain and Hosting

I purchased domain and hosting from a Hosting Service Provider. You can also take free domain and hosting from wordpress. But I will refer to buy domain and hosting from a good web hosting service provider.

How to Install WordPress on your website

Here I will share a good YouTuber Nayyar Sheikh video. I always follow her channel. He make good video about website making. I also make this website inspire from her video. Thanks Nayyar Sheikh for teaching us.

How to Make a Money Making Blog for FREE with WordPress, AdSense

If you follow this video you can learn various thing about creating a blog website

  • Buy a Best & Fastest Hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Basic WordPress Settings
  • Installing Themes & Plugins
  • Rank Math Setup
  • Creating Google Analytics Account
  • Writing Blog Post using Guttenberg
  • Doing SEO for Blog Posts
  • Creating Home Page
  • Home First Section
  • Home Page Categories Section
  • Home Blog Section
  • Make Website Mobile Friendly
  • Creating About Us, Contact Us, Blog Pages
  • Header & Footer
  • Multi-Guest Author Post
  • Hustle Free Pop-up Builder
  • Google AdSense Integration

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